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Hello, warriors!

We have great news for you. We are preparing the guild system. As we have seen, you are very excited with this and we like to listen to our community. We want to contact the leaders of the guilds that are already being formed and give them a special role in our Discord. With this, we want to raise the guild system together with them and receive constructive feedback.

Features of the guilds

  • Everyone must build the special guild building to be able to belong to one.
  • The guild will have a level. The more level you have, the more people can enter it.
  • The guild will have several bonuses that will increase with the investment of resources by all its members.
  • Upgrades will be decided by the guild master or people who have admin permissions. To upgrade a bonus, everyone must contribute the necessary resources. This upgrade will take a certain amount of time.
  • Bonus upgrades can be accelerated with TLWE. Of course, there will be exclusive bonuses that can only be unlocked with TLWE.
  • At the moment, there will be 3 guild levels. At level 1, they will have a capacity of 10 members. At level 2, 20 members. And at level 3, 30 members.

The Last War team.