The Last War Blog


Hello warriors!

It`s the end of the first week after the launch of the P2E version with PvE campaign mode of The Last War. Today, we inform you about everything that has been done during this week and our plans for the coming weeks.


First of all, we want to thank you for the enormous patience you had with the release date and the many updates with maintenance that occurred throughout this last week. You already know that we want you to have a quality game above anything else. Remember that if you find any bug, you can always report it in the corresponding channel of our Discord.

We have also recently put the market into maintenance, because we are restructuring it for better performance, so once again we ask for your patience. We hope to have it ready this weekend. We will let you know when is going to be active again.

Another thing to keep in mind is the different balances that have been carried out and will continue to be carried out throughout the updates. This is done for the future PvP mode, so we strongly encourage you to continue playing the PvE campaign mode, for us to be able to analyze your performance.

Lastly, we`d like to quickly remind you that the giveaway pet has been delivered and will be available in the next update. These updates are being notified along with the updated download.


We are working on a way to update the game from the installer itself, so you don`t have to download the whole game every time there is an update. This will allow you to save a lot of time and effort when updating the game. We ask for patience.

In the coming days, we want you to continue enjoying the game and paying special attention to the tutorials that we bring you on our YouTube channel on how it works and available rewards. Also pay attention to the events, because in the next few days there will be one in the PvE campaign mode in which the winners will get great rewards. Players with more dedication, the ones having their villages more upgraded, will be rewarded above all.

We recommend you contact other players, since very soon we will implement the guilds to make way for the PvP game mode in the future. For now, we plan to also make an event in which you can participate with your guild, receiving a great reward in it.


The implementation of the PvP mode is our next step. This, together with the guilds, will be very important in relation to the ranking that will be implemented, since the best players will receive rewards for being in high positions. There will be a ranking for the individual PvP mode and the guild PvP mode, so try to find good allies for the first wars.

And that`s it. Have a good day!

The Last War team.