The Last War Blog


Hello, warriors!

It`s here! The Last War is finally available in P2E version with PvE mode! It was released on March 17, 2022 at 21:00 UTC. The game was well received and thanks to you we were able to fix most of the bugs and bring you an updated version.

Here is a detailed list of every of them:

- Building System:

  • The screen no longer stays black after levelling up the town hall and exiting the game.
  • Moving a building will no longer cancel it.
  • Buildings no longer fly.
  • Stopping an upgrade should no longer destroy the building.

- Attack:

  • Troop count fixed.
  • Changed entry costs. Now entry will ask for gold and mana, but less.
  • Limit of unlocked villages per town hall level.
  • The entry cost is now applied when starting the fight, not when entering the fight scene.

- Heroes:

  • Error saving hero /ion fixed, which should fix the error that it doesn`t come out in combat.
  • Improved hero level loss, it shouldn`t happen again, we`re still investigating.

- Visual Appearance:

  • Added entry/reward/attack cost information available at attack time.
  • Mine production changed to /hours instead of /minutes.
  • Active heroes are displayed in the troop list (if in process, will be removed if not finished).
  • Added times in days, hours and minutes in constructions.
  • Full screen feature fixed.
  • More pictures added to loading menu.

- Other changes and rewards:

  • A 5,000 gold reward will be given to all users who played yesterday.
  • The upgrading time of the heroes will be reduced from 1 to 5 levels, because it is presenting problems with their saving.
  • Reduced damage and lives of some heroes.
  • Reduced some entry costs to PvE villages:

Village 1 -> 100 of each resource.

Village 2 -> Half of what it should.

The rest are the same but now with gold/mana.