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Hello warriors!

As you may already know, at the end of February we launched our token, the TLW, to the public. Along with it, came the first sale of NFTs with TLW in between. We sold a total of 150 boxes at 650TLW each. To our surprise, in a few minutes they were all sold out. In the boxes, the distribution of NFT heroes was:

  • 6 Aurora (Legendary)
  • 27 Sariel (Epic)
  • 36 Agathion (Uncommon)
  • 42 Valefor (Uncommon)
  • 39 Atilus (Common)

With this we have managed to raise a total of 97,500TLW, which will go directly to the Reward Pool, which consists of a total of 4.7M plus the amount collected. You can check them at the following link (click here).

These TLWs in the Reward Pool will be locked and gradually unlocked over six months. We`ll go into more detail on this in our next announcement, along with explaining how the in-game economy works. Also remember that in our Discord we have already announced that the release of the P2E version of the game will be on March 12. Stay tuned for the next news, as we will announce the exact time and many more news.

The Last War team.